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Key Fobs, RFID proxomity

Key Features:

This RFID key-fob is for RFID Proximity access control system keypad, with unique digit ID number in each key-fob; Waterproof
size: 28*20.4*7.2mm; weight:4.21g/PCS
Reading Distance: 5cm ~ 12cm
Frequency:125KHz; Standard : EM4100 compatible
: blue; Material: PVC read-only and not rewritable.
It is possible to records by the control system to implement the pre-set function such as door open, password management.
All key fobs come attached to a key ring
Please consult your technician to ensure your reader will support normal (non-encrypted) standard EM4100 125KHz RFID cards.
Pre-programmed with unique digit ID number in each keyfob (This RFID card is read-only and not rewritable.)